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Cat Number:AP8131A

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AK5 [N-term] [RB3883], Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Partner: Abcepta, Inc.

Applications:IHC-P, WB
Species Reactivity:Human, Mouse
Isotype:Rabbit Ig
Purification:Purified Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
Description:Protein kinases are enzymes that transfer a phosphate group from a phosphate donor, generally the g phosphate of ATP, onto an acceptor amino acid in a substrate protein. By this basic mechanism, protein kinases mediate most of the signal transduction in eukaryotic cells, regulating cellular metabolism, transcription, cell cycle progression, cytoskeletal rearrangement and cell movement, apoptosis, and differentiation. With more than 500 gene products, the protein kinase family is one of the largest families of proteins in eukaryotes. The family has been classified in 8 major groups based on sequence comparison of their tyrosine (PTK) or serine/threonine (STK) kinase catalytic domains. The AGC kinase group consists of 63 kinases including the cyclic nucleotide-regulated protein kinase (PKA & PKG) family, the diacylglycerol-activated/phospholipid-dependent protein kinase C (PKC) family, the related to PKA and PKC (RAC/Akt) protein kinase family, the kinases that phosphorylate G protein-coupled receptors family (ARK), and the kinases that phosphorylate ribosomal protein S6 family (RSK).
Further Information:This AK5 antibody is generated from rabbits immunized with a KLH conjugated synthetic peptide between 404-433 amino acids from the N-terminal region of human AK5.
Synonym:Adenylate kinase isoenzyme 5, AK 5, ATP-AMP transphosphorylase 5, AK5
Ascension Number:Q9Y6K8
NCBI EntrezGene:26289
Shipping Conditions:Ship on cold packs
Storage:Maintain refrigerated at 2-8 C for up to 2 weeks. For long term storage store at -20 C in small aliquots to prevent freeze-thaw cycles.
Usage:Research use only


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The anti-AK5 Pab (Cat. #AP8131a) is used in Western blot to detect AK5 in mouse liver tissue lysate.

The anti-AK5 Pab (Cat. #AP8131a) is used in Western blot to detect AK5 in mouse liver tissue lysate.