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New! RayPlex Quantitative Multiplex Bead-based Arrays

Utilize RayBiotech’s multiplex cytometric bead arrays for the quantitative measurement of proteins in a wide variety of samples.

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Buy one get one free

Purchase an antibody conjugate of your choice & get a second one of the same kind & size (same cat#) free automatically.

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Free Cruz Marker and MW Standards

With the purchase of 2 or more Primary Antibodies, receive one Cruz Marker™ MW Standards (sc-2035) and choice of one MW Tag antibody.

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Free Inhibitor Samples

To promote the broad range of high quality chemicals available from Medchem Express, Insight Biotechnology is pleased to be able to offer thousands of complementary inhibitor samples.

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RayBiotech! Array Scanning and Analysis Services - No Scanner? No Problem!
  • You will receive a spreadsheet of the complete raw numerical data extracted from the scanned slide, including fluorescent intensities, local background correction, and scanner specifications.
  • To perform complete analysis of the raw data after extraction, you may purchase the analysis tool for your array, which will perform normalization, calculate signal ratios or standard curves, and includes graphical output.
  • Alternatively, RayBiotech can perform data analysis for you. To obtain a quote please fill contact
EpiGentek: Buy one get one free
Purchase an antibody conjugate of your choice & get a second one of the same kind & size (same cat#) free automatically.

EpigentTek offers a large selection of primary antibodies that each have a Biotin, FITC, and HRP conjugate, allowing the researcher to directly detect a target antigen without having to use a secondary antibody. Our antibody conjugates are tested and validated in their applications to help you generate clean, reproducible results that you can trust. Plus, our 6-month application guarantee allows you to try any of our antibodies with no risk. While supplies last. No code is necessary

Tel: +44(0) 20 8385 0303 or Email

20,000 Free Monoclonal Antibody Samples from Santa Cruz

To promote Santa Cruz Biotechnology’s expansive range of high quality mouse monoclonal antibodies, Insight Biotechnology is pleased to offer >20,000 complementary 10µg sample sized vials free of charge and with free shipping! Just try them! We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the quality of these well characterized, highly specific antibodies!

Santa Cruz Biotechnology now offers 20,955 mouse monoclonal antibodies directed against a broad range of mammalian and non-mammalian targets, with dozens of new internally developed antibodies added to their collection on a weekly basis. Most of these products are released together with extensive quality control data including immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and western blot. All products supplied by Insight Biotechnology are provided with a year’s guarantee and money back warranty.

Santa Cruz generally offer a sample sized vial of only one antibody per target. The chosen Santa Cruz antibody tends to have the best / most complete dataset. View an Excel list of Santa Cruz Monoclonal antibodies eligible for this offer. Alternatively, to determine which antibody is eligible for this offer in the most up to date way, view a polyclonal antibody raised against the target you’re interested in at and this page will contain a box highlighting a sample programme eligible mouse monoclonal antibody, raised against the same target.

To take part in this offer, please follow the above instructions to select eligible antibodies raised against your target(s) of choice and then email us at with the catalogue code of the sample(s) you would like to receive, together with the most appropriate shipping address. Samples are provided free of charge and also shipped free of charge. A limited number of samples may be available per request. Offer available for a limited time only.

Insight Biotechnology’s PhD level Technical Team is happy clarify any points about this offer and to discuss how products from Santa Cruz Biotechnology can be used to further your research. Contact us today by Telephone +44(0)20 8385 0303 or Email

Yes, you saw right! MedChem offers free samples of 0.5-1mg. Simply request the product you want in sample size via email or quote and we will confirm whether it is available.

1. Each sample can only be applied for once, and customers are limited to three different samples per year.

2. Free sample program is intended for testing and research use only and may not be redistributed.