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About Us

Insight Biotechnology is a leading European distributor, incorporated 1996 with a mission to supply innovative Life Science tools designed to further understanding of physiology, cell biology and disease mechanisms. Our longstanding goal is to introduce exciting new products which help scientists make breakthrough discoveries. We have over 2.7M products which we supply to Universities and research institutes across the globe.

Insight is proud to have achieved certification of Quality-ISO9001 and Enviroment-ISO14001 registered and compliant, housing 35,000 square feet of floor space across four MHRA audited, temperature regulated facilities with headquarters based in Wembley, London, UK. Our cold chain infrastructure includes a walk in cold room, dry ice facilities and multiple -80 degree freezers. We have offices based in Welwyn garden city and Wembley.

Here, at Insight Biotechnology we deliver excellence products with a customer need focus, helping them all the way from understanding their needs, delivering solutions and addressing any future support. We have maintained a very high standard of quality and trust with internal and external partners which has resulted in a strong and long term partnership.

All Insight Biotechnology’s products and services are fully supported by our first rate Customer Services and PhD level technical teams. Contact Insight Biotechnology today to discuss how we can help you achieve your research objectives and meet your deadlines. Contact us by Telephone +44 20 8385 0303 or Email:

“Insight biotechnology is a growing company which supplies the latest innovative equipment to researchers across the globe to do better science”
John Rawlinson
Founder and CEO of Insight Biotechnology