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Applied Genetics Labs (AGL)


Founded in 1984, Applied Genetics Labs (AGL) specialize in Hybloc™ competitor DNA, cytogenetic analysis, isoenzyme analysis, Cot-1 DNA® products, and normal human metaphase slides.

Hybloc™ competitor DNA is the repetitive sequence fraction of genomic DNA. Hybloc™ competitor DNA may be effectively substituted for any other competitor DNA (i.e., COT-1 DNA®) for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), Southern blots, microarray technology, or any other protocol requiring competition to prevent repetitive DNA from binding to the target. Hybridization with Hybloc™ competitor DNA shows a marked increase in signal intensity and a significant decrease in the amount of background noise associated with repetitive DNA. Hybloc™ competitor DNA is available for the following species: Mouse, Rat, Human, Bovine, Ovine, Porcine, Chicken, and Canine.

Human Metaphase Slides are prepared from karyotypically normal male or female PHA-stimulated peripheral blood lymphocytes. Each slide can accommodate two 22mm² hybridization areas, for a total of 10 hybridization areas per unit. Slides are optimized for spreading, low surrounding cytoplasm, and high mitotic index, making them ideal for various FISH protocols.

AGL has broad expertise in banded chromosome analysis for a wide variety of mammalian species (human, mouse, rat, cow, hamster, dog, etc.), and our experience includes analysis of live animals and established cell lines. The standard cytogenetic analysis can be customized to your needs if you have specific requirements different from or not listed here.