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Custom Protein Services

Insight Biotechnology provides services at all stages of protein expression, production, and purification processes, from gene cloning to large-scale fermentation. We offer a broad range of services in numerous protein expression systems including:

Bacteria and Yeast are commonly used to express a variety of proteins because they are more convenient and less costly than other systems. However, these methods are sometimes unsuitable for producing mammalian proteins which have important post-translation modifications (PTMs).

Insect cells can be used effectively for producing large quantities of mammalian proteins rather easily through Baculovirus. PTM in insect cells is not exactly the same as in mammalian cells; for example glycosylation patterns differ somewhat. However, Insight Biotechnology’s protein expression team is happy to discuss these aspects with you.

For a number of reasons, Mammalian Systems are sometimes the best option. Perhaps the protein is likely to be insoluble in other systems, or specific PTMs are required for functional activity which can only be generated using mammalian cells. Insight Biotechnology employs a variety of systems and techniques, making use of either transient transfection or stable cell line establishment, to tailor this service towards your specific research needs.

Our protein expression team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch by email or telephone +44 20 8385 0303.