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Custom Peptide Libraries

Peptide Libraries consist of large numbers of custom peptides arranged in a systematic way to facilitate a mass screening process that will determine critical bioactive peptides. Scientific discovery within the fields of epitope mapping, target validation, vaccine development and drug discovery has been significantly enhanced by recent advances in peptide library technology.

Insight Biotechnology’s Peptide Library Services


The process of locating T-cell epitopes in particular can be greatly facilitated by production and large scale screening of peptide libraries. Peptide length and offset number are the two key parameters to consider when generating this type of peptide library.


Determining the shortest amino acid sequence required to elicit a functional response is vital in many fields of life science research and protein therapeutics. Truncated peptide libraries are constructed by systematically removing terminal amino acids. Additional knowledge of key residues required for functional activity plays an integral role in designing the most effective and targeted truncation peptide library. We have successfully augmented this process with Alanine scanning techniques in previous projects.

Alanine Scan

Substitution of amino acids to alanine within a specific peptide region is frequently used an efficient way to determine which residues are critical for functional activity. Generating peptides with alanine substitutions in a systematic way is known as an alanine scan peptide library. Although alanine is often the substitution of choice due to its small chiral nature, other amino acids may work better in certain circumstances and we can generate these libraries to your specifications.