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Optimiser™ Rapid ELISAs from Siloam Biosciences
Insight Biotechnology is pleased to offer a new and revolutionary ELISA platform from Siloam Biosciences.  Optimiser™ turbo charges traditional immunoassays by dramatically enhancing assay binding kinetics, reducing diffusion distances, and by eliminating time consuming wash steps. 

Insight Biotechnology has a limited number of complementary demonstration kits available, should you wish to optimise this technology platform with you own antibody capture pair(s).  Contact our scientific team to discuss the benefits of this new technology: +44(0)208 385 0303 or Email info@insightbio.com.

Immunoassays powered by Optimiser™ provide scientists with:

10X Sample Savings

Femtogram Level Sensitivity


Eliminate Cumbersome Wash

Optimiser™ plates are powered by incorporation of microfluidics into a conventional plate design.

ELISA antibody captures pairs, validated using traditional ELISA methods will work well with Optimiser™ ELISA technology. 

Siloam Bioscience offers the following kits, and has many more in the pipeline.  Please enquire for details.

Human IL-17A Assays

Human IL-4 Assays

Human IL-6 Assays

Mouse IFN-gamma Assays

Mouse IL-17A Assays

Mouse IL-2 Assays

Interaction of assay components occurs in a microfluidic channel positioned under each well of Optimiser™ plates.

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Optimiser microchannels have a 10x higher binding efficiency compared to wells of conventional plates.
Rapid binding kinetics eliminates the need for protracted incubations to efficiently coat primary antibody or for the need to purchase pre-coated plates

Rate of Primary Antibody Adsorption in Optimiser™ Microchannels

The incredible binding efficiency in Optimiser™ plates is driven by a 50x increase in surface area to volume ratio as compared to a conventional microplate well.   Diffusion distances are also dramatically compressed as the microchannel has a 200 micron by 200 micron working dimension.  Overall binding surface of is increased by 50%.

Traditional Wash Steps are replaced by Simple Flush of Optimiser™ Microchannels

Each microchannel holds only 4.5 µl of reagent.   The low volume capacity of the microchannel can be leveraged to remove cumbersome wash steps within the assay.   For instance, after primary antibody binding in conventional plates a wash step is required.   With Optimiser™ plates the addition of excess blocking buffer (10µl) achieves the same result.  The first 5.5 µl flush all unbound primary antibody out of the chamber and the remaining buffer blocks un-bound sites within the microchannel.

Click here for a detailed video explaining the principles of operation of the Optimiser™.


Compare Optimiser™ to Conventional Plates

Running An Assay With Optimiser™

Optimiser™ Principles of Operation


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