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RayBiotech Quantibody Arrays

Quantibody is a multiplex, sandwich-based ELISA, designed to measure the concentration of multiple cytokines in one experiment.  Like a traditional sandwich-based ELISA it uses a pair of cytokine specific antibodies for detection.  However, Quantibody takes this method of analysis to another level.  By arraying multiple specific capture antibodies onto a glass support, multiplex detection and quantification of cytokines in one experiment is made possible (Read More).

Insight Biotechnology customers have used RayBiotech’s Quantibody Array Testing Service for a broad range of applications, from drug discovery and identification of disease biomarkers, to basic academic research in areas which include (angiogenesis, growth factor signalling, apoptosis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammation).  Just send your samples to RayBiotech and they will analyse them and provide you with a wide range of data complete with specialised analysis.

It is also possible to take advantage of RayBiotech’s pioneering expertise by utilising their Customised Quantibody Array Testing Service.  Numerous antibody pairs are available for this purpose, please click here for a list of antibody pairs offered by RayBiotech for Quantibody and various other antibody array formats.

RayBiotech have designed a wide range of simple and easy to use Quantibody Array Kits.  Please click here for further details.  RayBiotech also offer Customised Quantibody Array Kits; please click here for further details.

RayBiotech have recently launched a new range of Quantibody Adipokine Arrays, please click here for further details.

Please click here for a description of other products and services offered by RayBiotech




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