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Biotin Label-based Antibody Array

Recent technological advances by RayBiotech have enabled the largest commercially available antibody array to date.  Biotin Label-based Antibody Arrays can be used for simultaneously detecting expression levels of 507 human or 308 mouse proteins in cell culture supernates and serum.  With the L-Series Antibody Array, researchers can now obtain a broad, panoramic view of cytokine expression (Read more).

RayBiotech provide a range of testing services carried out by expert scientists at RayBiotech laboratories using their L-Series Antibody Array Technology.  Just send your samples to RayBiotech and they will analyse them and provide you with a wide range of data, complete with specialised analysis.

RayBiotech have also designed a series of simple and easy to use L-Series Antibody Array Kits which have proved highly popular with our customers.

RayBiotech have recently designed a new series of L-Series Adipokine products and Testing Services.  Click here more information and pricing.

Please click here for a description of other products and services offered by RayBiotech.




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