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RayBiotech Cytokine Antibody Arrays

As a protein array pioneer company, RayBiotech provide the most comprehensive cytokine antibody array products and services on the market.  Using this innovative technology it is possible to rapidly and accurately measure the expression levels of hundreds of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, angiogenic factors, proteases, soluble receptors and other proteins from small sample amounts, in a single experiment.

Many biological processes such as apoptosis, inflammation, angiogenesis, immune response, and migration often accompany changes in cytokine expression levels.  Thus RayBiotech’s cytokine antibody arrays have broad applications in biomedical research, drug discovery and biomarker discovery.

RayBiotech’s Cytokine Antibody Array technology is designed based on the sandwich immunoassay principle.  RayBiotech utilise two different platforms for their cytokine antibody arrays; the first is membrane based (C-Series), and the second is glass slide based (G-Series). 
RayBiotech provide an antibody array testing service on C-Series and G-Series antibody array formats.  Please click here for further information and pricing.

RayBiotech have designed a wide range of simple and easy to use Cytokine Antibody Array kits, available in both C-Series and G-Series. RayBiotech offer testing services and kits on customizable semi quantitative membrane or glass slide based cytokine antibody arrays.  Please click here for details. RayBiotech have recently released a new range of adipokine products and services available on several different array formats.

Please click here for a description of other products and services offered by RayBiotech.



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