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RayBiotech Adipokine and Obesity Related Products and Testing Services

Adipose tissue is no longer viewed as an inert energy storage organ, but is emerging as an active participant in regulating physiological and pathologic processes.  Many soluble factors have been identified from the adipose tissue and are so called as adipocytokines or adipokines.  Some of the adipokines are mainly produced by the adipose tissue like leptin and resistin, while others are also synthesized in other tissues like TNF-alpha, IL-6, MCP-1, and IL-1. Because all of these factors can act in an autocrine , paracrine or endocrine manner in the organisms, adipokines are thought to serve as mediators linking obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, inflammation, immunity and other obesity-related diseases, read more...
RayBiotech provide a broad range of Adipokine and Obesity related products and custom testing services, performed by expert scientists at RayBiotech utilising their proprietary high tech platforms:

RayBiotech Adipokine Arrays

As the protein array pioneer company, RayBiotech provide the most comprehensive cytokine antibody array products and services in today's market.  Using their patent pending technology, it is possible to rapidly and accurately measure the expression levels of 62 different adipokines from a single sample semi-quantitatively.  The technology is designed based on the sandwich immunoassay principle.  Please click here for further information on RayBiotech’s Adipokine Array products and testing services, including a list of RayBiotech’s adipokine antibodies.

RayBiotech Quantibody Adipokine Arrays: Quantitative

The Quantibody array is a multiplex, sandwich-based ELISA, designed to measure the concentration of multiple cytokines in one experiment.  Like a traditional sandwich-based ELISA, it uses a pair of cytokine specific antibodies for detection. However, Quantibody takes this method of analysis to another level.  By arraying multiple specific capture antibodies onto a glass support, multiplex detection and quantification of cytokines in one experiment is made possible (Read More).
RayBiotech also provide a range of custom testing services on their Quantibody Adipokine Arrays.   Please click here for pricing on RayBiotech’s Quantibody Adipokine Array testing services.

RayBiotech L-Series, Label-based Adipokine Arrays
Recent technological advances by RayBiotech have enabled the largest commercially available antibody array to date. With the L-Series Antibody Array, it is possible to obtain a broad, panoramic view of cytokine expression.  The expression levels of 182 human adipokines can be simultaneously detected in cell culture supernates or serum.  Furthermore, an internal control is used to monitor the whole process including biotin-labelling, so this high density array will accurately reflect available adipokines in your sample.  Please click here for a description of RayBiotech L-Series Adipokine Array technology, along with a list of RayBiotech L-Series Adipokine antibodies.
RayBiotech provide a range of L-series Adipokine products and testing services, carried out at RayBiotech by their highly trained scientists. 
Please click here for further information on all RayBiotech L-series products.
RayBiotech Enzyme Immuno Assay (EIA)
The RayBiotech Enzyme ImmunoAssay (EIA) is an in vitro quantitative assay for detecting adipokine peptide based on the principle of Competitive Enzyme Immunoassay.  Please click here for a description of RayBiotech EIA technology.  RayBiotech offer an EIA testing service as well as a range of simple, easy to use kits for the following adipokines, Visfatin, Ghreilin, Nesfatin, Apelin, Angiotensin II, Neuropeptide Y, PYY, Amylin, CART, Adiponectin/ Acrp30 and Glucagon-like Peptide Please click here for further technical information and pricing.

RayBiotech Adipokine and Obesity related ELISAs
RayBiotech offer a high quality, competitively priced ELISA testing services on excess of 100 different Adipokine and Obesity related ELISA kits.  If your protein of interest is not listed here and you would like RayBiotech to develop a custom ELISA please enquire for details.
Purchase a RayBiotech ELISA Kit (human), (mouse), (rat)

Please click here for a description of other products and services offered by RayBiotech.



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