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Tissue Procurement & Custom Tissue Micro Array Production Services

Insight Biotechnology has access to an extremely large tissue bank repository, with more than 80,000 high quality tissue blocks, focussing on a wide array of tumours, and normal adjacent tissues from most organs of human body, as well as tissues from embryo, animals and plants. We also keep correlated collections of frozen samples and blood samples, allowing follow up experiments, such as RNA and DNA extraction, and genomics / pharmacogenomics studies.  Here is some further information about Insight Biotechnology Tissue Procurement Services, and the types of tissues we can provide.

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Tissue Micro Arrays

TMAs are generated using a large collection of paraffin embedded tissues from our repository, or created based on the requirements of the customer, including the custom procurement of specific tissues.

Each standard archived tissue block (3-5mm thick) yields a maximum of 100 assays in conventional processing. Using optimal sectioning followed by tissue microarray technology, the same block could produce up to 500,000 assays represented as 0.6mm disks of tissue.

Tissue microarrays, generated using the tissue collection as well as customer’s tissues can be used in conjunction with Affymetrix®, Illumina®, and Agilent systems at our research facilities. Our team of scientists is happy to discuss any aspect of this technology in relation to your work so please enquire for details. 

Please follow this link for further information about our Tissue Micro Array Custom Services.

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Special Offer
Invasive Breast Carcinoma with HER2 Indication, 20 cases
Human Breast Carcinoma
20 Cases
2.0mm Core Diameter
 4 Micrometer Section Thickness

£50 per slide.  Further discounts can be provided for bulk purchases.


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