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Custom Protein Services: Bacterial Expression Systems

Insight Biotechnology provides a broad range of bacterial protein expression services which can be tailored to your specific research needs.  Choose any starting phase or combination.   Insight Biotechnology takes a flexible approach towards custom protein services and information on this website is only a guide.  Feel free to contact our team of protein expression experts with any further questions.   Email, or telephone Insight Biotechnology on Tel:  +44(0)208 3850303.   

Please Click here for further information about other custom services offered by Insight Biotechnology.

Insight Biotechnology’s Custom Bacterial Protein Service offers all aspects of protein expression, production, purification, and development, from gene to protein including:

  • Cloning
  • Subcloning
  • Generation of plasmid DNA
  • Multiprotein Complex Expressions
  • Optimisation of expression conditions
  • Small, mini- or large-scale expression and affinity purification
  • Purity evaluation and determination of concentration
  • Lyophilisation of protein, and more.

From Gene to Protein Expression

Construct Generation
Sequencing Verification of Expression Construct
Desired Clone Selection and Screening
Protein Expression and Purification
Immunological Assay and Evaluation

Ready for Customer

Outline of Recombinant Protein Expression Service Using Bacterial Systems

Phase Service






Phase 1: Subcloning




1 week

Directly use customer’s clone and expression system without any modification

No charge

Subclone your desired cDNA into an expression vector (Customer provides the plasmid)



Confirm sequence of the final vector (customer provides the plamid)

Subclone your desired cDNA into an expression vector (plasmid provided)



Confirm sequence of the final vector






Phase 2: Small-scale Protein Expression



1 week

Screen desired clones




Grow clone in 100ml of medium

Express protein in 100ml of medium

Pellet cells, lyse cell pellet, centrifuge and collect supernate

Primary identification of protein expression by immunological assay





Phase 3: Large-scale Protein Expression


Grow the selected clone in 2L of medium



Express the protein in 2L of medium

Pellet cells, lyse cell pellet, centrifuge and collect supernate






Phase 4: Protein purification on a large scale



1 week

Purify protein from supernates on affinity chromatography column




Identify the fractions containing desired protein using immunological assay, such as Western Blot

Concentrate the pooled fractions

Determine the protein concentration

Yield: Up to 100–500 µg of purified protein

Lyophilise protein to customer’s specifications

Insight Biotechnology also provides a number of additional services, including:

  • Biotinylation of purified  protein
  • Proteolytic cleavage and fragment purification
  • Site directed mutagenesis in customer provided fragment
  • Protein assay development and validation

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