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Custom Services from Insight Biotechnology

Insight Biotechnology offers a broad spectrum of high quality, competitively priced custom service options. Contact our scientific for a free consultation, and we will tailor a quote towards the specific requirements of your project: Telephone +44(0)208 385 0303, or Email info@insightbio.com

Our fully integrated Proteomic Facility offers an extremely wide range of services in Peptide Synthesis, Protein Synthesis and Antibody Production

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Tissue Procurement and Custom Tissue Micro Array production is an area of considerable expertise and investment for Insight Biotechnology.  We have access to an extremely large tissue bank repository, consisting of high quality tissue blocks, as well as the correlated blood and frozen samples.  In addition to making these resources directly available, Insight Biotechnology offers a broad range of contract testing services (read more).

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Antibody Arrays are an extremely powerful analytical tool that scientists are turning to with increasing regularity for research or diagnostic purposes.  RayBiotech’s R&D team has developed several uniquely powerful multiplex ELISA based antibody array platforms, suitable for numerous and varied applications (read more).

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