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384-Well Plates

96-Well Plates

Absorbent Paper: soakers

Alarm Timers

Autoclave Indicator Tape

Autoradiography Film, Tape and Plastic Wrap

Beakers: Polymethylpentene and Polypropylene

Blotter Paper

Blue Ice Packs

Bottle Top Filters

Bottles with Pumps

Bouffant Caps


Centrifuge Tube Racks: multiple colors, hold 18 - 50ml tubes and 25 - 15ml tubes

Chromatography Columns

Cooling Blocks

Cover Glasses and Micro Slides for Immunohistochemistry

Cryo Supplies

Cryogenic Vials, Caps and Inserts

Culture Tubes

Culturing Supplies

Cuvettes: Methacrylate, Polystyrene and UV

Cylinders: Graduated and Squat Graduated


Dispensing Bottles

Disposal Boxes

Dropping Bottles

Dropping Tip Caps

Dropping Tips

Electrophoresis Gel Equipment

ELISA Supplies

Filter Flasks: vacuum filter systems for sample separation and purification

Flasks: Erlenmeyer and Shaker

Forceps, Tweezers and Spatulas

Funnels: Analytical, Buchner and Powder

Gel Incubation Trays

Glass Jars

Glass Microfiber Filters

Graduated Glass Bottles

Hand Care Products

Hot Plates

Ice Buckets


Inoculating Supplies

Lab Markers

Labeling Tape

Labware Detergents

Latex Gloves

Magnetic Stir Bar

Media Products

Microcentrifuge and Centrifuge Tubes

Mini Centrifuges

Mini Tube Rotators

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Plus Gloves

Nitrocellulose, PVDF and Nylon Membranes



Pasteur Pipets

PCR Products

pH Strips

Pipet Controllers and Filters: electronic and manual

Pipet Tip Accessories

Pipet Tips: EZ Touch

Pipet Tips: Reload System

Pipet Tips: Standard, Barrier, Gel Loading and Gel Excision

Pipettor Controller Accessories

Pipettor Controllers

Pipettors: multi and single channel fixed and adjustable


Plastic Jars

Plastic Round Bottles

Plastic Square Bottles


Round Glass Bottles

Safety glasses

Sample Vials and Caps

Serological Pipets


Sharps Disposal

Shoe Covers

Solution Bottles

Spin Columns

Spray Bottles

Standard Glass Bottles

Sterilization Pouch (Autoclave Bags)

Syringe Filters

Tissue Culture Plates and Petri Dishes


Wash Bottles

Water Baths

Weigh Boats and Reagent Reservoirs

Wipes: low-lint wipers suitable for numerous lab tasks


General Lab Supplies

Insight Biotechnology now provide an extremely broad range of labware products from Santa Cruz Biotechnology. We offer cell culture plasticware, gloves, cuvettes and multi-well plates in the Ultracruz brand. Products used for measuring or delivering precise volumes, such as pipettors, pipet tips and serological pipets are available with the ExactaCruz brand. Within the Santa Cruz CrystalCruz brand, we offer a broad line of glassware products including beakers, funnels, cylinders, flasks etc. Please enquire at or telephone +44(0)208 385 0303 with any technical or pricing questions about these product ranges.



Aimplex Mtplx FCM

Allele Biotechnology


Applied Genetics Labs

Applied StemCell, Inc.


Aviva Systems Biology


Boster ImmunoLeader



Express Genomics

GeneTex Inc


Helica Biosystems, Inc.

Kirkegaard & Perry Labs (PKL)

MedChem Express



Premas Biotech

RayBiotech, Inc.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

Signalway Antibody Co, Ltd.

Siloam Biosciences, Inc.

Spring Bioscience

Tonbo Biosciences

US Biomax, Inc.

Virusys Corporation

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