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RayBiotech Products and Custom Testing Services
RayBiotech is a multiplex ELISA based antibody array pioneer company, well know for providing biomedical research laboratories, institutions and hospitals with high quality, easy to use antibody arrays and other protein analysis systems.  RayBiotech arrays utilise their own high-tech proprietary multiplex ELISA technology.  These state of the art tools can be used for a broad range of applications from drug discovery to basic academic research, in order to analyse hundreds of proteins involved in a diverse range of cellular functions and disease processes (cytokine signalling, inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, signal transduction, cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes).

RayBiotech have designed arrays that can be used to generate semi or fully quantitative data, specifying the concentration of proteins and peptides in a range of sample types, including body fluids (serum, plasma urine etc...), as well as cell and tissue lysate.  RayBiotech offer arrays designed for high and low sample throughput, to analyse the expression of anywhere from a small number to hundreds of proteins from a single sample.

Insight Biotechnology is pleased to offer a wide range of custom testing services on each of RayBiotech’s array formats.  Each of these services are carried out by world leading scientists at RayBiotech laboratories using their proprietary, market leading multiplex ELISA based array technology.  RayBiotech have used their expertise and innovative technology to design a range of simple and easy to use kits, available on each of their array formats.   Please click on the icons below to explore products and services available on each of RayBiotech’s array formats.

RayBiotech also provide a wide range of products and custom testing services on ELISA and EIA platforms.  RayBiotech have recently unveiled an expansive new range of adipokine related products and services.

Insight Biotechnology’s team of expert scientists is happy to answer any questions you may have relating to antibody arrays products and services. Contact us at or telephone +44 (0)208 385 0303.

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