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ExactaCruz Barrier Tips in Sterile Rack, 1-200ul, pack (sc-201725) from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

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ExactaCruz Barrier Tips in Sterile Rack, 1-200ul, pack

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Description 960 tips/case. Low binding. Ideal for molecular biology applications like PCR. Feature an inert, hydrophobic barrier that prevents pipettor contamination. Aerosol barrier will not trap liquid or contaminate samples in the event of over-pipetting. Universal fit for research-grade pipettors. Graduation marks at 10ul, 50ul and 100ul
Further Information Suitable for use with the following Santa Cruz Biotechnology ExactaCruz pipettors: (sc-200224), (sc-200227), (sc-200231), (sc-200234) or (sc-200236). Also compatible with the following pipettors: Gilson Pipetman (20ul, 100ul and 200ul), Eppendorf Research/Reference (20ul, 100ul and 200ul), Labsystems Finnpipette (10ul universal, 20ul, 50ul, 100ul and 200ul) or Oxford/Nichiryo Benchmate (20ul, 50ul, 100ul and 200ul)

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