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UltraCruz Autoradiography TaPE (sc-200214) from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

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UltraCruz Autoradiography TaPE

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Description For Identifying Autograms (Radiological and Chemilluminescent); Ideal for chemilluminescence and radiological autography, non-radioactive. Phosphorescent, adhesive labels may be cut to the specific size and shape needed for each individual membrane, dried gel or microarray. An ordinary pen may be used to mark the label using the investigator’s own codes and symbols. The custom label may then be peeled from its backing and affixed to the membrane, gel or microarray. Once placed against film, UltraCruz Autoradiography Tape exposes a negative image of the markings directly onto the autorad, thus producing a permanent record of the experiment.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.




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