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UltraCruz Four Channel Alarm Timer (sc-201632) from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

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UltraCruz Four Channel Alarm Timer

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Description Extra-loud, high decibel alarm. Features include stopwatch, time-out and a clock. Memory returns to previously programmed time. Massive, 3/4-inch-high display permits viewing from across the lab. Its microcomputer chip permits setting 4 separate channels. Set any countdown time from 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to 1 second. When zero is reached, the timer starts counting up to show time elapsed since alarming. Additional features include stopwatch, time-out, and time of day clock.
Further Information All 4 channels may be used simultaneously in any combination to count down or count-up (stopwatch). At the touch of a button the remarkable memory returns the display to the previously programmed countdown time (perfect timer to dedicate to a repetitive test). Extra-loud, high-decibel alarm sounds for 1 minute or may be silenced manually. Finger-size keys make it easy to set times and change channels.

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