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Bovine Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ADSCs), Pellet in RNA Later (BAD001P) from Cellider Biotech

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Bovine Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ADSCs), Pellet in RNA Later

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Size 1 vial, 10^6 cells   
Price £725.00 (€942.50)  

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Description Adipose-derived stem cells (ADCSs) are isolated from subcutaneous adipose tissue (a suitable reservoir of stem cells). These cells have the potential to differentiate in vitro into chondrocytes, osteoblasts and adipocytes and have shown their ability to heal wounds and regenerate tissues in clinical trials. ADSCs are isolated from a single animal and cultured until passage 1, and then cryopreserved. Post-thaw viable cells are tested for proliferation and differentiation capacity into adipocytes, osteocytes and chondrocytes.
Further Information Cell Type: adipose-derived stem cells; Age: juvenile; Species: Bovine; Tissue: adipose tissue from subcutaneous fat; Form: cryopreserved, pellet, total RNA or cDNA; Viability: >70%; Test performed: negative for mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi

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