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Applied StemCell

Applied StemCell Inc. (ASC) is a fast growing biotechnology company with headquarter based in California. With solid expertise and extensive experience in stem cell and transgene technologies, ASC focuses on the application of new technologies for stem cell and transgenic communities. ASC’s goal is to advance stem cell and transgene innovation in biomedical research and biotechnology industry. After years of research and development, ASC is proud to offer an optimized series of tools for stem cell and biomedical research. ASC’s diverse array of unique products and services has already assisted stem cell research all over the world.

Based on Proprietary Technologies, ASC focus on development and commercialization of: 

  • Stem Cell Culture Products
  • Stem Cell Lines and iPS Cell Generation Kits
  • Complete ES/iPS Cell Pluripotent Analysis (from Biomarker Kits to In Vivo Teratoma Formation Analysis)
  • ES Cell Karyotyping and Sex Determination Service
  • Knockout and Transgenic Services
  • Proprietary TARGATTTM Technology: Fast and Cost-effective Site-specific Transgenic Mouse Service
  • Proprietary TARGATTTM Technology: Gene Modification in Stem Cells
  • Proprietary TARGATTTM Technology: Generation of Humanized Animal Models
  • Proprietary TARGATTTM Technology: Generation of Stable Production CHO Cell Lines for High Expression of Proteins

Applied StemCell

Products and Services from ASC are distributed by Insight Biotechnology in the UK and Ireland. Click Here to download an up to date catalogue. 

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