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We’re supportive of the fact that customers like to purchase products and services in a variety of ways and our systems are set up to receive orders by telephone, fax, email and online. With the increasing drive of University customers in particular towards e-procurement, Insight maintains a strong presence on all the major procurement portholes. We’re also directly linked via our website, to a number of University internal ordering systems. Insight also works with procurement networks to ensure end users can order products and services in an efficient and cost effective manner. We maintain excellent relationships with Pharma and Biotech procurement operations and also interact with all the major third party procurement providers for Pharma and Biotech. Feel free to contact us directly to let us know how we can refine our procurement systems to your needs. Telephone +44(0) 208 385 0303 or email

Sourcing and Third Party Procurement

Estimates of combined administrative costs to Universities arising from placement of a single order with a previously unused company vary enormously but have been placed over £100 in some cases, according to senior academic procurement sources! With a multitude of costs accruing from monopolisation of staff time and resources throughout the many stages of the process; from the initial product sourcing to adding a new company to the purchasing system, raising an order, arranging advance payment at times in foreign currency through to the ultimate invoicing and payment process, one can understand why the process can be so expensive.

Many Universities have looked to circumvent these issues by appointing Insight Biotechnology as a preferred supplier to source and purchase products and services in a third party capacity in exchange for a modest administrative fee. Insight is already set up on University electronic procurement systems and additionally offers a dedicated and knowledgeable team capable of sourcing, ordering, procuring and arranging delivery of products in a rapid and effective way. We have capacity to pay global suppliers in advance, as is generally required, utilizing a range of international bank accounts and foreign exchange hedging strategies to ensure the best possible value for money is passed to end users. Contact us today to discuss how we can streamline your procurement process, cut your costs and free up your valuable staff time: Telephone +44(0) 208 385 0303 or email

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