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Business Development

Our reps spend considerable time networking and interacting with current and prospective new suppliers to ensure Insight is aware of Biotech developments and generally offers a wide ranging, high quality and cost effective product and service portfolio which meets our end users’ needs. In this capacity we’ve been fortunate enough to forge relationships with a broad network of interesting scientists and business people from diverse companies, in a process which has facilitated the addition of several novel and interesting ranges, paralleled by steady growth of the company and with many associated success stories for our new found collaborators. Contact us today to discuss any potential collaboration opportunities. Telephone +44(0) 208 385 0303 or email We’re happy to outline Insight Biotechnology’s approach to distribution of products and services from a sales, Customer Service and Technical Support point of view, to web and print based marketing strategies, through to logistics and cold chain shipping.

Hundreds of reagent packages are dispatched by Insight throughout the UK and Ireland every week and we have found including literature detailing related products and services to be an effective means of keeping our customers up to date. Significant time and resources are invested in ensuring is regularly updated with developments across our product and services ranges and Insight additionally work with suppliers to promote specific products in monthly offers / giveaways, so it’s always worth a visit to see what’s new! Optional product update emails are sent every month advising of novel developments within the Insight portfolio and we ensure our email lists are segregated by research or product areas to minimise the chance of us clogging up your inbox with annoying, irrelevant information and of course all messages contain an opt out link. An effective method of meeting end users in person to discuss, promote and troubleshoot Insight products and services is to regularly sponsor and attend relevant conferences and events. Perhaps you have a conference or event coming up relevant to the type of products and services we offer and would like Insight to attend or provide sponsorship? Perhaps you have a particular project or technology platform you’d like to discuss and would like to arrange for one of our reps to visit your company or Institution? We’d be happy to oblige! Contact us with details by Telephone +44(0) 208 385 0303 or email

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