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Insight Biotechnology is extremely pleased to distribute products and service from a cutting edge French Biotechnology Company AnyGenes®. Established since 2007, AnyGenes® is privately owned company, involved in research and development, manufacturing, production and sales of signalling pathways for biomarkers discovery and validation. AnyGenes’s fast growing databases of thousands of validated factors represent signalling pathways (SignArrays®) of different cellular processes (cell cycle, apoptosis, autophagy, drug resistance, drug metabolism...), and for severe disease (cancer, neurodegenerative disease, autoimmune diseases…), specifically designed to be analysed by qPCR array technology and dedicated (home designed) software data analysis. AnyGenes® products are bench controlled, easy to use, and cost effective.

AnyGenes’s team is composed of world-class scientists and entrepreneurs with great experience in applied research in the area of functional biology. The combination of their expertise and experience provides a unique and valuable set of complementary skills. Between them they have published over 200 articles in international scientific journals. The below application can be used to search AnyGenes’s product database and find our pricing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Insight Bio’s PhD level Technical Team is happy to discuss how products and services from AnyGenes®. Contact us by Telephone +44(0) 208 385 0303 or email

Signaling Pathways

Neurodegenerative disease pathways

Autoimmune disease pathways

Mental disorders pathways

Pharmacology Pathways

Specific gene expression

Real-time PCR Reagents

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